Circus Wagons …. “Come to the Circus”

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circus wagons

This is my first 3D piece. Circus wagons made from salt boxes …. so much fun to do. I cut out the windows on each side and taped a flat card inside to make the floor. I then painted the interior black. The outside is all paper card and ribbon. Wheels are buttons which have been glued to little painted wooden pieces. These pieces were then glued to the wagon. The figures were gleaned from on line colouring pages, coloured in Photoshop Elements and then reduced to the small size I needed. There are tigers, bears and lions along with a little trapeze artist. The ringleader is trying valiently to keep control.

ends of the circus wagons

Steampunk Halloween Swap

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Standing on the corner watching all the gouls go by

This little 4×4 card was done for a swap with the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group. It joins both steampunk and Halloween styles. The background was made with twine glued to a red background. Two old skeletons are just lolling on a brick wall. The pumpkins were sketched and filled with a plaid background, then gears were added. The brick wall is from a local heritage building. Of course the old gents had to have top hats and one has part of a pair of goggles in keeping with the steampunk theme. They were fun to make and when put together that is when the old song came to mind. The skeletons were clip art which I removed part of the art to create the fellows I needed. A fun piece to create.

Sally Steampunk Paper Doll ….. a new paper doll for 2012

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I am back !! A long hiatus while we packed and moved. During those months when I didn’t have enough time to blog I did work on little
Sally. She told me her clothes just had to be steampunk. So here she is: Sally Steampunk. She has lots of clothes to go with any adventures you can think up for her. I hope you have as much fun with Sally as I did in creating her.

Sally Steampunk paper doll

Sally Steampunk paper doll-2