Owls, three of the perkiest little fellows sitting on a branch

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These owls were published in the McCall’s Needlework and Crafts 1965-66 Fall Winter magazine. Made of metal in this version, I can see them made from paper. How cute would they be painted in a border along a chair rail in a country cottage kitchen? Matching cushions on the wooden chairs would be so cute embroidered on linen.


Owls pattern

I have redrawn the owl in Photoshop using layers and then filled with patterns. I then used a different sized stroke around each layer and bevelled each one differently. I then filled the background with black. He is too cute.

Owl created in Photoshop

Printing Plate Images from the Almonte Mill Museum

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My visit to the Almonte Museum last year yielded several wonderful printing plates. I couldn’t resist using them for digital images.

Printing Plate Image

The original plates are the orange plates. I changed the image from colour to black and white and then recoloured them. Faces were left as is and I rotated the others to give a right side up print.

Printing Plate Image

These images could be used on a digital or scanned background, set into transparency to hover above the background and another image set over top of that. Lots of play with these old plates.

Printing Plate Images

You could also transfer the images to fabric to use in your fabric arts or onto paper for a little ATC.

Steampunk …. digital images for your art

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I have seen many stamps where shapes have been used to fill with gears and wheels for a steampunk look. Here are two that I have made using Photoshop shapes and filling with gear brushes. I want to do more animals, especially a turtle …. turtles are my favourite animals

Steampunk circle

A circle filled with wheels and gears … this could adorn either a scanned or digitally created background. It could be given a transparency as well so more layers could be added.

Steampunk Horse

My first Steampunk horse …. I want to add a saddle to this handsome fellow. This horse, done in different colours would look good on a pasture background.